Canal Strata
Initial Illustration for Book Art project- I preferred it as a image in its own right. When the water levels lower, you catch glimpses of stray objects poking the surface of the water. Underneath the grimy surface lies a beautiful derelict landscape of waste.

Book Shelf Forestry
These prints work seamlessly with new sets to create a continued forest scene on your book shelf.But not everything is what it seems from The Soft City
Come closer and see into the trees...
Continuation of Tetragrammaton Album Artwork Direction- finding its way on the found floorboards of North London Irish pubs.
The Soft City Mascot- makes his way onto these attractive book ends. Artwork for your bookshelves. New way-finding signs for your library to come!!
Beer Mat Artwork- Lets drink away our financial worries and inertia of political activism with these fetching beer mats. Proposals coming to a pub near you - possibly?
Light writing in Grangetown, Cardiff. Autumn light in South Wales was amazing at sunset. Everything was drenched in a blue conclusive light.
x Add Image Smoke Inn Man stencil. I screenprinted on pages of book sheets delicately glued together. This was then cut around with a 360 scalpel ( like a surgical blade that spins round)to make the detail delicate. More to come!!
Happy Birthday Ninjatune! The amazing independent label is 20 this year and I made a redesign of their brilliant ninja eyes logo.I sent over a print goodie bag sampling some of my wares as a printer and illustrator thingy . Watch this space for possible collaborations.
Made these screenprints on veneer wood. These prints are wafer thin and very delicate. I made them to promote my services as a unique screenprinter- marketing my irregular material for merchandising .
Screenprinted record cover. Pitch for Ninjatune printing. Using the format of the 10inch, the drawing was built on oneside, reflected and textures copy and pasted to complete the wall of image finish. Check out the bung!
Light Writing in Cardiff with an Om-1. All shot on slide and then scanned for that saturated/desaturated look. ( not psd fiddled!)